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This is the official website of WorldCALL, the worldwide professional association for teachers and educators interested in Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL).

Call for proposals to host the WorldCALL 2023 Conference.

A strong proposal would exhibit the following characteristics although the Steering Committee realizes that no one venue may meet all of the criteria perfectly.

  • A venue that is easily accessible internationally by air.
  • A sponsoring university or academic association with people with previous experience arranging large conferences.
  • A venue that contains a large auditorium, a suitably large exhibit and poster session area and a sufficient number of breakout rooms for the planned number of concurrent sessions.
  • A location where the various rooms mentioned above are close to each other.
  • Internet connectivity for presentations and, preferably, for the general participants as well.
  • A budget that permits a generous number of scholarships for participants from underserved regions.

Please contact Prof. Ana Gimeno for a copy of the proposal form to be submitted.

Publications from the WorldCALL 2018 conference

WorldCALL intends to publish 3 different publications relating to the 2018 Conference:

WorldCALL 2013 Book:

WorldCALL: Sustainability and Computer-Assisted Language Learning

Edited by Ana Gimeno, Mike Levy, Françoise Blin, & David Barr

More information at: http://www.bloomsbury.com/us/worldcall-sustainability-and-computer-assisted-language-learning-9781474248303/


Last modified: September 28, 2019